Project Overview

project type

Large flatland photovoltaic power station

project's venue

Hainan Prefecture, Qinghai Province

Project capacity


project area

2183 acres

Average annual power generation


product type

Hi-MO 5

25 years of total electricity generation

4,608 million KWh

Technology Highlights

1. High Energy Density Output
The Yellow River Qinghai Large-scale Flat Photovoltaic Power Station Project adopts the two-in-one sub-array module transformation technology, which features a highly efficient energy conversion rate of up to 21 percent. This technology can effectively decrease the cost of construction materials and land, while increasing the energy density output of the power plant.

2. Intelligent and Automated Operation
The photovoltaic power plant has a total installed capacity of 100MW, and is equipped with a centralized-control system which can monitor all personnel and equipment on site in real-time. The system can also automatically analyze and adjust the power output according to changes in weather conditions and environmental factors, thereby optimizing the efficiency of the power station.

3. Modular Design and Scalability
The project adopts the modular design and construction method, which allows for scalability and flexibility during the operation and maintenance phase. The individual modules can be easily replaced or changed as needed without affecting the operation of the entire power plant, significantly reducing the maintenance costs of the project.

Project Highlights

Project Highlights

1. Environmental Benefits
The Yellow River Qinghai Large-scale Flat Photovoltaic Power Station Project brought significant environmental benefits; the power station creates no waste or emissions during operation, and the installation of the photovoltaic modules does not damage the local ecosystem or cause any pollution of the soil or water supply.

2. Job and Economic Development
The construction of the photovoltaic power plant created many new job opportunities for local residents and helped to boost the local economy. Additionally, the power plant can generate a significant amount of clean energy which can be sold back to the grid, bringing sustainable economic growth.

3. National Energy Security
The Yellow River Qinghai Large-scale Flat Photovoltaic Power Station Project plays a crucial role in promoting national energy security and transforming the traditional energy structure in China. The project provides clean and renewable energy which reduces China's reliance on fossil fuels and helps to mitigate climate change.