Faushun Solar is an independent China company


Faushun Solar is an independent China company

Faushun Solar is an independent China company, The main activity is the development, production and supply of innovative solar cell systems and wind power,bracket accessories, energy storage power ,solar energy ,car charging , energy raw materials and inverter .

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Our mission

The future, as we see it, is a world of conquered elements and an unlimited amount of clean energy. Our goal is to bring it closer and to connect everyone to the source of this energy today.


Projects finished and still counting


Head offices in multiple countries



Our present

Faushun Solar products are based on innovative technologies:

we produce only monocrystalline modules;
since 2020, we have been producing them only using PERC technology;
in 2021, we stopped producing full cells and completely switched to the half-cell technology.

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Our strategy

Faushun Solar strives to expand worldwide to provide customers with quick access to our services and products.

We constantly increase investments in research and development of new products to offer customers only state-of-the-art solutions that will enable them to implement projects with the lowest LCOE.

We are continuously improving the power, performance and reliability of our modules to achieve their technological advantage in the market and become the world’s leading supplier of innovative solar modules.