Project Overview

project type

Flat ground photovoltaic power stations

project's venue

Qian'an County, Songyuan City, Jilin Province

Project capacity


product type

Hi-MO 4

Technical Highlights

Technical Highlights 1

The Jilin Qian'an Solar Ground Power Station is equipped with some of the most advanced and innovative technologies in the solar energy industry. One of the key technical highlights of the project is its use of bifacial solar panels. These solar panels have the ability to generate electricity from both sides, which significantly increases the power output of the solar power station. Compared with traditional solar panels, the bifacial solar panels can generate up to 30% more electricity.

Technical Highlights 2

Another technical highlight of the Jilin Qian'an Solar Ground Power Station is its efficient grid integration system. The power station is equipped with advanced inverters and monitoring systems that help to stabilize the power grid and reduce the risk of grid instability. The monitoring system allows the power station operators to track the performance of each solar panel in real-time and make adjustments as needed to maximize the overall output of the power station.

Technical Highlights 3

Finally, the Jilin Qian'an Solar Ground Power Station is designed using state-of-the-art engineering techniques that help to maximize the utilization of the solar energy resources. The solar panels are arranged in a way that maximizes the amount of solar radiation that the panels receive, and they are oriented to face the optimal direction to ensure maximum energy generation.

Project Highlights

Project Highlights

The Jilin Qian'an Solar Ground Power Station is not only a cornerstone project in China's renewable energy strategy but also has significant socioeconomic impacts. Firstly, the project has created thousands of jobs in the region, including skilled and unskilled labor in construction and operation. Secondly, the project has significantly reduced the regional dependence on coal-fired power, improving air quality and human health. Thirdly, the power station has provided a reliable and sustainable source of energy for the people in the region, contributing to the economic growth of the area.


Jilin Qian'an Solar Ground Power Station is one of the largest solar photovoltaic power stations in China. It is located in Qian'an City, Jilin Province and has a total installed capacity of 200 MW. The power station is built on an area of 4.24 km² and comprises 856,000 solar panels. The project has been a great success and has demonstrated the feasibility and scalability of solar energy projects in China.


The success of the Jilin Qian'an Solar Ground Power Station is a testament to the feasibility and viability of solar energy projects in China. It has demonstrated that solar energy can be an effective source of clean and sustainable energy that can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the power sector. The technical and project highlights of the Jilin Qian'an Solar Ground Power Station provide a blueprint for future large-scale solar energy projects in China and around the world.