Project Overview

project type

Household Distributed Photovoltaic Power Station

project's venue

San Jose, California, USA

Project capacity


Average annual power generation

46000 kWh

product type


Technological Highlights:

The 31kW residential distributed solar photovoltaic project in San Jose, California is a shining example of innovative technologies and project highlights.

1. Solar Panels: The project uses high-efficiency silicon solar panels that have a total capacity of 31 kW. The latest technology in solar panel manufacturing has been used to ensure maximum output and durability.

2. Inverter: A state-of-the-art inverter has been installed in the system to convert the DC power generated by the panels to AC power that can be used by the household appliances. The inverter has a high conversion efficiency.

3. Monitoring System: The project has a real-time monitoring system that tracks the system's performance, energy production, and consumption. The monitoring system provides valuable data to the project team to optimize the system's performance and reduce costs.

Project Highlights

Project Highlights:

1. Environmental Benefit: The project contributes to reducing the carbon footprint of the household. The system generates clean energy, which reduces the dependence on fossil fuels for electricity.

2. Economic Benefit: The homeowner can sell the excess energy generated by the system to the grid, generating revenue for the household. The payback period for the project is relatively short, and the system offers a long-term return on investment.

3. Social Benefit: The project promotes the adoption of green technologies and contributes to creating a sustainable future. The homeowner can inspire others in the community to follow suit and embrace renewable energy.

In conclusion, the 31kW residential distributed solar photovoltaic project in San Jose, California, is an excellent example of the technological innovations and the benefits of renewable energy. Its use of cutting-edge solar panels, inverters, monitoring systems, and the environmental, economic, and social benefits it provides make it an outstanding project.