Project Overview

project type

Household distributed photovoltaic power station

project's venue

Hunan Province

Project capacity


product type

Hi-MO 4 LR4-72HBD 420M

Technical Highlights

Household distributed photovoltaic project

First and foremost, the project uses high-quality solar panels that can efficiently convert sunlight into electricity. The photovoltaic cells used in the panels are made of materials that are highly efficient in absorbing sunlight and are designed to work in various weather conditions. The technicians placed these panels on the rooftop of the sunshade in such a way that they can efficiently capture as much sunlight as possible.

Another technical highlight of the project is that it uses a special inverter system that can convert the electricity generated by the panels into the correct voltage and frequency for use in the grid. This conversion is essential since the electricity generated by the panels is DC, while the grid requires AC. The inverter is made with advanced technology to ensure that the conversion is smooth and efficient, thereby reducing energy losses.

Project Highlights

Technical Highlights

Household distributed photovoltaic project

The project uses a monitoring system that tracks the performance of the panels, inverters, and the entire system in real-time. This system is crucial for ensuring that the project operates at maximum efficiency and detects any faults or malfunctions in the system. As a result, the system can be quickly repaired and restored to optimal performance.

The project aims to provide electricity to the grid, which is one of its significant project highlights. The electricity generated by the panels is fed into the grid and used to power homes and businesses in the local community. This is a significant contribution towards reducing the dependence on fossil fuels and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, the project serves as a model for other similar projects in the region and a benchmark for sustainable and environmentally friendly energy projects worldwide.


In conclusion, the Hunan 16kw photovoltaic sunshade project is an example of non-conventional sources generating clean energy. The project's technical and project highlights demonstrate how advanced technology and innovation can be applied to solve environmental problems. It provides a template for other regions to follow and showcases the power and potential of renewable energy. The project is a symbol of China's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and leading the way in developing sustainable energy solutions for the world.