Project Overview

project type

Household distributed photovoltaic power station

project's venue

Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province

Project capacity


Average annual power generation

307.93 million degrees

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Technical Highlights

Household distributed PV projects in Liaoning

The distributed photovoltaic (PV) power generation project in Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province, with a capacity of 0.0321MW, is a significant project in the renewable energy industry. The project has unique technical and project highlights, making it an exemplary case of successful implementation of clean energy. This article will outline the technical and project highlights of the 0.0321MW distributed photovoltaic power generation project in Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province.

1. High Efficiency Solar Panels

The project uses high-efficiency solar panels with a power efficiency of up to 20%. The solar panels generate electricity from sunlight, which is then converted into direct current (DC) electricity using inverters.

2. Intelligent Power Management System
The project is equipped with an intelligent power management system (IPMS), which enables real-time monitoring of the power output of each PV panel and the overall system. The IPMS also optimizes the power output of the system by adjusting the operation of the inverters depending on the sunlight available.

3. Grid-connected System
The project is connected to the grid, which enables the excess electricity generated by the system to be sold to the grid. This helps to offset the cost of the electricity consumed from the grid during periods of low sunlight.

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Project Highlights

Project Highlights

Household distributed PV projects in Liaoning

1. Innovative Finance Model
The project uses an innovative finance model, where the initial investment is funded by the government, and the project's revenue pays back the investment. This enables the project to be self-sustainable over its lifespan, and the government investment can be used to fund additional renewable energy projects.

2. Support from the Chaoyang City Government
The Chaoyang City government played a crucial role in the successful implementation of the project. The government provided policy support, including favorable feed-in tariffs and simplified procedures for obtaining permits and approvals.

3. Environmental Benefits
The project's environmental benefits are significant, as it reduces the reliance on fossil fuel-based power generation and reduces carbon emissions. The project's green energy generation is equivalent to planting over 400 trees annually, reducing carbon emissions by more than 21 tonnes, which has a positive impact on the environment and the local community.