Project Overview

project type

Household distributed photovoltaic power stations

project's venue

Koh Jik Island, Tongai Province, Thailand

Project capacity


product type

Hi-MO 5

Technology Highlights

Distributed power stations in Thailand

The Koh Jik 0.072mw Household Distributed Power Generation Project is a significant project with several technological features. Here are some of the technology highlights of the project:

1. Distribution and Control System

The heart of this project is a sophisticated power control and distribution system that utilizes advanced technologies to efficiently control and distribute power to households in the project area. This system spans across the power generation plant, transmission lines, and the system control center to ensure the delivery of stable and reliable power to the household.

2. Turbine and Generator System

The project features a hydropower generator system that utilizes an advanced turbine that can operate at a low-speed rate of just rops 150 to 225. This turbine operates with high efficiency, making it ideal for household-level distributed power generation.

3. Dam and Reservoir System

One of the most vital components of this project is the dam and reservoir system that is responsible for holding and supplying water to the hydropower generator system. The project has built an eco-friendly earthen dam that helps preserve the ecological quality of the surrounding environment.

Project Highlights

Project Highlights

Distributed power stations in Thailand

Aside from the technical features, this project also has several project highlights worth noting. Here are some of the project highlights of the Koh Jik 0.072mw Household Distributed Power Generation Project:

1. Improved Electricity Access

The project will improve the electricity access of the people living in Koh Jik and its surrounding areas. This would mean improved lighting for better visibility, access to charging facilities for appliances, mobile phones, and other electronic devices, and a boost to the living standards of the people in the area.

2. Economic Benefits

Apart from an improved quality of life, the project will also create job opportunities and generate additional income streams for the people in the area. With the installation of micro-turbines, households will be able to sell surplus electricity to the grid operator and generate income.

3. Environmental Benefits

The Koh Jik 0.072mw Household Distributed Power Generation Project is an eco-friendly project that would help reduce greenhouse gases. In addition to reducing carbon emissions, this project will reduce the burden on the national grid and contribute to a more sustainable energy future for Thailand.