Project Overview

project type

General flatland power station + grazing complementary power station

project's venue

Zhaozhou, Daqing, Heilongjiang

Project capacity


project area

3400 acres

Average annual power generation

101.152 million kWh

25 years of total electricity generation

2,529 million kWh

Technical Highlights:

Ground PV Power Station in Heilongjiang

1. Advanced Photovoltaic Technology: The project uses advanced photovoltaic technology, using high-efficiency solar modules and inverters that enhance the efficiency of solar energy conversion. These photovoltaic systems are designed to maximize sunlight absorption and are durable, low-maintenance, and energy-efficient.

2. Model Efficiency: The project is a model of efficiency when it comes to energy generation, significantly increasing the yield of solar energy per unit. The development of this project demonstrates advanced and efficient technologies for the utilization of solar energy, while reducing the utilization cost.

3. Distributed Photovoltaic Technology: The system makes use of distributed photovoltaic technology, which is an innovative method of electricity generation where multiple small electricity generators are combined to produce high efficiency at a lower cost.

Project Highlights

Project Highlights:

Ground PV Power Station in Heilongjiang

1. Large Production Capacity: The project possesses a total capacity of 80MW, which is capable of supplying electricity for over 20,000 households annually. This major power generation project puts the region on the map as a leader in renewable energy.

2. Environmental Protection: The project's environmental benefits are impossible to overlook. The photovoltaic power station is environmentally friendly, replaces fossil fuel-based energy sources, and does not produce over-emittance of greenhouse gases, making it a pivotal force in achieving emission reduction goals in the energy sector.

3. Efficient Operating System: The project's operations system is efficient, sustainable, and safe, with software that can monitor and optimize the entire power plant's performance in order to reduce operating costs and ensure a steady flow of electricity.

In conclusion, the Daqing 80MW Ground Photovoltaic Power Station Project is a crucial step forward in promoting sustainable energy. The project's innovative and advanced technologies have placed it at the forefront of the industry, while its environmental benefits and large production capacity make it a leader in the fight against climate change. It stands as a model for future projects in the renewable energy sector, not only in China but globally.