Project Overview

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General flatland photovoltaic power station

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Leemdijk, The Netherlands

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Technical Highlights

Dutch ground power station project

The technical highlights of this project are many. Firstly, the Leemdijk solar farm features a total of 23,822 solar panels, all of which are fixed on a single-axis tracker system that moves the panels throughout the day to maximize their exposure to sunlight. Secondly, the entire system is connected to a state-of-the-art monitoring system, which allows operators to easily track and control the performance of the panels and optimize their output.

Another noteworthy feature of the Leemdijk solar power plant is its high efficiency. The plant has an estimated annual capacity of 7,200 MWh, enough to power more than 2,000 households. . Additionally, the solar farm features a maximum power output of 6.8 MW, making it one of the largest solar installations in the region.

Project Highlights

Project Highlights

Dutch ground power station project

Aside from its technical excellence, the Leemdijk 6.8MW solar power plant also boasts a range of project highlights. For example, the installation was carried out in close collaboration with local farmers, who own the land on which the panels are installed. This partnership not only helps to support the local community, but also provides farmers with additional income from the leasing of their land.

In addition, the project was executed with a strong focus on sustainability, evident from the use of locally sourced components and the implementation of an environmentally friendly construction process. These efforts have earned the Leemdijk solar power plant a number of highly regarded certifications for sustainability and environmental protection.

Overall, the Leemdijk 6.8MW solar power plant is a remarkable project that combines cutting-edge solar technology with innovative solutions for sustainability and community engagement. Its technical and project highlights demonstrate the feasibility and importance of renewable energy solutions in creating a cleaner and more sustainable future.