Project Overview

project type

Mountain photovoltaic power stations

project's venue

Datong, Shanxi Province

Project capacity


project area

3500 acres

Average annual power generation

33.75 million kWh

25 years of total electricity generation

825,186.9 million kWh

Technical Highlights:

Datong PV Power Station in Shanxi

1. Utilization of a Single-Axis Tracking System:

The project is equipped with a single-axis tracking system, which allows the solar panels to follow the sun's movement throughout the day, improving overall power generation efficiency. This technology ensures an average increase in power generation by 15-20%, making it a cost-effective and efficient solution.

2. Exceptional Solar Panel Quality:

The project utilizes high-quality solar panels, which operate optimally in hot and humid conditions. The panels feature high energy conversion efficiency with a conversion rate of 19.2%, providing a steady and reliable energy output.

3. Smart Control System:

The project features a smart control system that monitors and manages the power output of the solar panels efficiently. The system can also prevent overcharge and over-discharge of batteries, improving battery life and reducing maintenance costs.

Project Highlights

Project Highlights:

Datong PV Power Station in Shanxi

1. Eliminating Poverty Through Employment:

The construction of the project created several employment opportunities, prioritizing the employment of local workers to reduce poverty levels. This contributed positively to the socio-economic development of the region.

2. Local Livelihood and Economic Benefits:

The successful implementation of the project brought about benefits to the local community. As an example, the project provides a stable and reliable source of electrical power, ensuring the continuous supply of electricity to the local populous. This led to increased economic activity and stimulated local entrepreneurship.

3. Environmental Benefits:

The project contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions, improving the overall air quality of the region. The technology utilized makes renewable solar energy accessible to the geographically isolated and underprivileged regions of the world, promoting a cleaner and greener future.