Project Overview

project type

General flatland power station + Agro-photovoltaic power station

project's venue

Hengshui City, Hebei Province

Project capacity


25 years of total electricity generation

556 million kWh

Average annual power generation

22,245,000 kWh

Technological highlights:

Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation Power Station

The project has several project highlights, including:

1. Combining rural development with poverty alleviation: The project integrates poverty alleviation, employment promotion, and rural rejuvenation goals into its overall design. This holistic approach ensures that the local people benefit from the project's construction and operation.

2. Effective use of idle land: The project utilizes idle land for the construction of photovoltaic modules, which also increases the efficiency of land use.

3. Incentivizing local farmer participation: The project incentivizes local farmers to participate in the project by offering them an opportunity to lease land for the project. This creates a win-win situation, with farmers benefiting from additional income while the project benefits from utilizing available land.

4. Innovative financing model: The project utilizes an innovative financing model, which involves pooling funds from different sources, including the local government, bank loans, and private equity. This model ensures that the project is financially sustainable and able to operate efficiently for years to come.

Project Highlights

Project highlights:

Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation Power Station

The project also boasts several technological highlights, such as:

1. Advanced solar panel technology: The project uses advanced solar panel technology, which ensures maximum energy output, even under low light or cloudy conditions. The high-performance panels also require less maintenance, reducing the overall operating costs of the project.

2. Efficient power transmission systems: The project's power transmission system uses cutting-edge technology, which allows it to transmit power over long distances, with minimal energy loss.

3. Intelligent monitoring system: The project is equipped with an intelligent monitoring system, which enables real-time monitoring of power generation, system performance, and fault detection. This enhances the overall efficiency and reliability of the project.

4. Innovation in energy storage solutions: The project also utilizes innovative energy storage solutions, such as lithium-ion batteries, to store excess energy generated during peak production hours. This energy can then be released during off-peak hours, reducing the need for additional energy sources.